Eurits represents more than 90% of the EU's specialist waste incineration sector, and exists to ensure the safe, legal and environmentally sound incineration of waste.

Position papers & Publications

POPs in hazardous waste incineration

Published: May 2012 | Download: (283k)

Synopsis: A scientific article looking at an introduction to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and the options for treatment.

Eurits response to End of Waste Consultation - October 2011

Published: October 2011 | Download: (119k)

Environmental impact of incineration of calorific industrial waste in a rotary kiln and in a cement kiln

Published: September 2011 | Download: (398k)

Synopsis: A scientific study (Vermeulen et al., 2009) compared the environmental impact of incineration of high to medium calorific waste in a specialised waste incinerator (usually a rotary kiln) with incineration in a cement kiln.

Eurits' position on R1 criteria guidance

Published: June 2010 | Download: (349k)

Synopsis: Eurits' views on the Commission's draft guidance on the application of the R1 energy efficiency criteria to municipal waste incinerators. In particular how hazardous waste should be treated in these calculations.

KUL study into environmental impact of rotary kiln and co-incinerator

Published: May 2010 | Download: (1,395k)

Synopsis: Comparison of the environmental impact of the incineration of calorific industrial waste in a rotary kiln and a cement kiln in view of fuel substitution

VITO review study on comparative environvironmental assessments

Published: January 2009 | Download: (3,061k)


POPs: sink or source

Published: October 2007 | Download: (1,346k)

Synopsis: Study by KUL into whether incinerators are a sink or source for POPs

Eurits views on the Council's waste directive compromise text (June 2007)

Published: June 2007 | Download: (51k)

Synopsis: Eurits views on the Council's compromise proposals to the Waste Directive (COM(2005)667).

Eurits position paper on Hazardous Waste Chapter

Published: May 2007 | Download: (45k)

Synopsis: Eurits' position paper on the need to maintain a separate chapter on provisions covering hazardous waste.

Eurits position paper on waste permits

Published: May 2007 | Download: (42k)

Synopsis: Eurits believes that all facilities treating waste should be subject to the same type of permits. In particular, for hazardous waste treatment facilities there should be no exemption from permitting regardless of the operation classification (recovery or disposal). If exemptions from permitting are allowed for hazardous waste treatment facilities, that would lead to lower environmental standards and a reduction in control of hazardous waste.

Eurits position paper on dilution

Published: May 2007 | Download: (47k)

Synopsis: Eurits believes that there should be a complete ban on the dilution of waste. Dilution of waste should not be used to circumvent environmental legislation or to avoid traceability since this is contrary to the precautionary principle. Eurits sets out three options for definitions of dilution.

Press release: Eurits statement on the Orica case

Published: May 2007 | Download: (19k)

Synopsis: Criticisms on the planned shipment of 22,000 tons of polluted material in the form of HCB-contaminated hazardous waste from Australia to Germany illustrate the limit of the proximity principle when dogmatically applied. The shipment of hazardous waste must remain an option in the future to ensure that the best equipped (which is not always the nearest) plant can be selected to treat special waste in the safest possible way.

BDSAV statement on the Orica case

Published: May 2007 | Download: (19k)

Press Release: Eurits welcomes the European Parliament's resolution on the dumping of hazardous waste in the Ivory Coast

Published: October 2006 | Download: (21k)

Synopsis: The European Parliament has adopted a resolution condemning the dumping of 500 tonnes of chemical waste in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, by a Netherlands-based company. Eurits strongly welcomes the European Parliament's resolution, which calls on those responsible to be brought to justice, full remediation of the environmental contamination and compensation for the victims.

Proposal to Revise the Waste Framework Directive: 10 Key Points

Published: February 2006 | Download: (23k)

Proposal to Revise the Waste Framework Directive: Comments from Eurits

Published: February 2006 | Download: (66k)

Eurits' "wish-list" for the revision of the Cement & Lime BREF

Published: March 2005 | Download: (43k)

Ecodumping by Energy Recovery: Study carried out for European Environmental Bureau by BZL (Germany)

Published: January 2002 | Download: (167k)

United Nations Status Report on the Management of By-Products / Residues Containing Heavy Metals and/or Persistent Organic Pollutants

Published: July 2001 | Download: (55k)

The incineration of hazardous waste - How to achieve high environmental protection in a free market

Published: February 1997 | Download: (1,282k)

Methodology for the Determination of Technical Co-incineration Criteria

Published: February 1996 | Download: (161k)